Choose how DIRTY you want to play, and adjust to Guys, Girls or Mixed mode!

Break the ice, get to know each other, laugh, cry and take the party to a whole new level with this party booster of a drinking game!


    Press play, and you’re flying already! Choose a moderator who reads the cards, and draw a new card for each player.


    Pandoras contains over 600 cards with truth and dares of a whole new level. Each card is carefully selected and designed for the perfect party drinking game.


    Adjust how dirty you want it, and choose whether your party consists of girls, guys or both. Fantastic, huh? Want to get really drunk? Set the game to drinking game mode, to make each card have drinking consequences.


    Connect TV for full attention to the game.
    Refuse to follow the card’s command? Insert penalties like «Remove a clothing item» or «Finish your Drink»


    To have full access to all 600 cards, Devilish Mode and Drinking Game Mode, unlock full version of one of the most popular drinking games out there for only 1,99$.

Play it as a beer game, or as a basic Truth or Dare / Would You Rather / Never Have I Ever. Choose yourselves if you want to play dirty, kinky or sweet and harmless, and if you want it for the pre party, after party or the actual event. Especially if you like dirty games, you're gonna love this one.

Enjoy our beloved drinking game, and have a blast!


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